Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Ornamental aluminum fence is a great solution for so many applications. In our most recent project, we used a commercial grade 3-rail bronze aluminum fence as a dog enclosure for a residence in the Reems Creek golf course area. After HOA submitals, the howeower decided on a 42" flat top commercial grade aluminum fence. Aluminum is a durable, attractive option for pet containment, pool enclosures and retaining wall fencing. The panels rack, allowing for installation on most grades. Notice how the fence flows as the grade drops towards the rear of the lot. Greybeard Fence is the Asheville fence company that can guide you in the proper fence materials for your fencing needs. Call us today for a free estimate!


Greyebeard Fence Company: Ornamental Aluminum Fence


Fence Layout and Design

Asheville homes can be quite unique when it comes to fence layout and design. Small lots coupled with uneven terrain can make for a challening installation. Greybeard Fence Solutions is the Asheville fence company that prides itself on providing expert advice on how to overcome these challenges. 

Proper Fence Layout an Design makes for an attractive addition to your home.

Proper Fence Layout an Design makes for an attractive addition to your home.

In the picture above, the homeowner was faced with several limitations due to HOA requirements, steep terrain on two sides, and a narrow lot on one end. After taking some time to review different styles of fencing to meet the needs of two small dogs, we decided to go with a Scalloped Top Picket Fence. The goal with any fence is to draw the eye along the length, by installing the fence on a constant grade. 

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Vinyl Picket Fencing = Years of Satisfaction

48” Vinyl Picket Garden Fence

48” Vinyl Picket Garden Fence

Vinyl picket fences can dramatically change the look of your yard, adding beauty and warmth to the landscape. From simple straight-top picket fencing to decorative scalloped-top fencing, you’ll find a wide selection of vinyl picket fence styles to suit your tastes. And our “neighbor-friendly” white picket fences are designed to look the same on both sides. No matter which vinyl picket fence style you select, you’re assured years of durable performance (the bottom rail is reinforced with aluminum for added strength and durability) and maintenance-free satisfaction.

Ball caps can add a nice touch to the tops of posts, giving the fence an upgraded look.

Ball caps can add a nice touch to the tops of posts, giving the fence an upgraded look.

Ornamental Steel Fence is Top Notch

Asheville Fence Company

This 4' tall black ornamental steel fence is the latest install by Graybeard Fence Solutions. The homeowner wanted a durable and attractive fence that would not only provide a containment are for 2 future dogs, but serve as a backdrop to the newly installed sport court. The 4' tall 3-Rail black ornamental steel fence from Ameristar was the perfect choice to solve the customers needs. The fence is strong, has a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA. This style of steel fencing also can rack to the steep grade of this property, to provide a secure enclosure. Call us today to find out what products will work best for your fencing project.


Ornamental Steel Fence